Aims of the ethical code SPAZIO 21

"We proudly shareour values."

The code of ethics aims to make known toall those who interact with Spazio 21 thevalues that guide the whole team in thechoices concerning the approach andpersonal behavior in order to improverelationships at all levels.

The premise is to increase awareness of the consistency of each individual through our guiding values, which are fundamental for growing as people, transmitting trust and professionalism outside the company and encouraging the pursuit of common objectives within the work group.

The code of ethics aims to make known to all those who interact with Spazio 21 the values that guide the whole team in the choices concerning the approach and personal behavior in order to improve relationships at all levels. The premise is to increase awareness of the consistency of each individual through our guiding values,

which are fundamental for growing as people, transmitting trust and professionalism outside the company and encouraging the pursuit of common objectives within the work group.

The culture “SPAZIO 21”

Enhancement of skills and development of skills

In Spazio 21 we promote the participation of resources and develop training that is attentive to individual needs. We aim to continuously improve and we invest in the growth of people to increase their skills and to make them increasingly aware of their value. We cultivate creativity to feed new ideas that arethe basis of innovation and development.

Spazio 21 invests and strongly believes in the growth path of its members, dedicating moments of theory, reflection, application of new processes and new methods to constantly evolve, be increasingly competitive and explore new paths. We constantly improve the level of competence of people by recognizing that the complex of relational, intellectual, organizational and technical qualities of each employee is the main resource for the growth of the company.

Open to change and innovations

In Spazio 21 we welcome new ideas and change. All resources are encouraged to approach the development of company activities in a dynamic way, improving internal processes and relations with commercial partners and suppliers. The goal is to create the best possible shopping experience for the customer in the world of e-commerce dedicated to wrist watches.

Keeping up-to-date on the news of the moment, discussing to stimulate the birth of new ideas, both aimed at work and personal improvement, thus inevitably leads to a growth not only of the individual, but also of the community and, consequently, of the results obtained. at work.


It is the basis of our actions and our communication, to always allow autonomous and conscious choices.
Transparency is a basic principle of the commercial offer and the relationship with our buyers, both in sales and after-sales, to build a lasting and healthy relationship with customers.


We pursue our business objectives while remaining faithful to the corporate DNA, whose guiding values inspire daily, personal and professional choices. In this way, the individual values of each employee go hand in hand with the values of the company.


Success comes from the ability to cooperate, sharing individual skills, across the various work groups to always find innovative and original solutions. The culture promoted by Spazio 21 encourages the creation of relationships based on trust, respect, responsibility and constructive dialogue to develop a motivating, productive and stimulating work environment. This is essential to offer customers a welcome and an extraordinary shopping experience.

Fairness and respect for people

Spazio 21 rejects any kind of discriminati on related to age, sex, sexual orientation, state of health, ethnicity and nationality, political opinions and religious beliefs. Respect for the person is fundamental, in order to enhance their individuality and, therefore, creativity, as a necessary foundation to generate personal motivation and consequent corporate value.

"We are convinced that respect is the fundamental pillar on which to base all our communication activities."

Competition: perfectly balanced price and quality of service

Spazio 21 is aware that it carries out its business in a highly dynamic sector, where the continuous search for novelties is the fundamental prerequisite for success. This represents a stimulus that encourages constant improvement both in people, to improve their professionalism and competence, and in the search for proposals for current watches and in line with the trends of the moment.

At Spazio 21 we believe that competitiveness should not be based solely on price. In fact, Spazio 21’s strategy is not to position prices at the lowest level of the market, because this business model puts the quality of customer service at risk. Those who buy through our international e-commerce platforms, while wanting to reap the benefit of a very advantageous price, know they can count on the protection and tranquility of their shopping experience.

We also take care of ensuring comfortable, spacious, bright work environments and we respect people’s work, guaranteeing them adequate salaries, continuous training and listening to their respective needs. We also adopt behaviorsaimed at protecting the environment, using energyfrom renewable sources and reducing theconsumption of water and paper. Ultimately, contacting Spazio 21 means producing a value that goes beyond the simple purchase. We achieve excellence in service quality by investing in the mostup-to-date digital technologies and we are able to better manage orders and shipments updates. Wemake sure the watches are perfect and completewith box and papers.

"We want to give you the best shopping experience possible."



The goal to wards customers is to create an excellent relationship through excellent communication and through timely updates on each phase of the order and, subsequently, in the post-sales phase. Friendliness, informality, transparency and respect are the keywords underlying the approach with customers.

Our desire is to establish relationships of mutual respect between sales staff and customer sand, to do this, training sessions are constantly planned in order to always provide clear, precise and professional answers.


For commercial and organizational purposes, Spazio21 processes confidential information and personal data. To ensure compliance with office secrecy, it adopts every tool and measure necessary to ensure respect for privacy, treating the data of its customers, suppliers and collaborators in accordance with the law.


Spazio 21 guarantees equal treatment to all its customers by always offering the best solutions and excluding any type of discrimination or favoritism.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a fundamental requirement.For this reason, the company constantly evaluates the quality of its services through specific procedures and targeted checks, so as to continuously improve the level of its commercial offer and customer care.
The goal is to establish relationships based on trust,developing a dialogue with customers based onlistening, availability, courtesy, honesty, loyalty andprofessionalism.

Accuracy of information and honest communication

The information communicated by the company andits employees must be correct, truthful and complete.The company rejects any type of incorrect, deceptiveor aggressive communication towards the customer.

Environmental sustainability

"Spazio 21 acts concretely to promote respect for the planet."

Respect for the environment is an essential value that should be the basis of the work of all companies in the 21st century. Spazio 21 is at the forefront of defending and safeguarding the planet.

Best practices

Spazio 21 internally implements procedures aimed at respecting the environment and carries out its work through best practices aimed at reducing pollution, waste and CO2 emissions.

Ethical partnership

The company collaborates with the benefit company LifeGate by supporting the “Foreste in Piedi” project which aims to protect and preserve 560 hectares of forest in the Amazon.